Things to do and remember before your pet’s surgery.

  1. Pre-surgical blood work


  • Prior to any type of general anesthesia and/or surgical procedure, we require a complete health profile and blood screen to evaluate your pet’s immune system and organ function


  • These tests are done to help identify and pre-existing condition that might otherwise result in a complication during anesthesia or surgery


  • We advise that this lab work be done one to two weeks prior to your pet’s surgery but no more than 4 weeks before the procedure


  • If we did not draw a blood sample (for these tests) from your pet at the time of your initial consultation, please stop by our hospital (prior to your pet’s procedure) or see your regular veterinarian to have a blood sample taken so the tests can be completed


  1. Diet adjustment


  • Most pets will require a reduction in caloric intake following their procedure to avoid unnecessary weight gain which can complicate or delay the rehabilitation process


  • We often advise beginning your pet’s “diet” prior to the surgical procedure


  1. Confinement preparation


  • Most surgical procedures require a period of confinement and rehabilitation following the procedure to insure the best outcome; therefore, it is often helpful to prepare a confinement area for your pet prior to bringing them home from the surgery


  • Along these lines, it may be helpful to begin “crate training” your pet prior to their surgical procedure


  1. Morning of surgery


  • NO breakfast


  • No food after midnight the previous evening


  • Water is fine in the morning and overnight


  • If your pet is taking medication, please make sure they get their morning meds (even if you have to give their meds with a small food treat) or we can dispense the meds here before surgery


  • EXCEPTION: if your pet is receiving aspirin to help control inflammation prior to surgery, please STOP this medication at least 7 days before the procedure
  • Please bring your pet to the hospital by 8:00 to 8:30am the day of surgery